Chad (ChangHoon) LEE Managing Partner

    Mr. Lee is a registered patent attorney with expertise in control units in connection with a variety of electromechanical devices, automotive and aerospace equipment, robotics, and medical devices.

    Prior to founding MUHANN, Mr. Lee worked for another major Korean law firm as the managing attorney responsible for prosecutions on behalf of Motorola, Alcatel and Ericsson. He was also involved in numerous patent infringement lawsuits regarding compact discs and wireless communication systems.

    Earlier in his career, Mr. Lee worked as a research scientist for Korea Telecom.  During that time, he was involved in developing network devices and participated in optical-fiber communications projects. He also took part in the conferences for IMT-2000 standardization as a representative of Korea Telecom.

    Mr. Lee earned Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Control and Instrumentation Engineering with honors from Seoul National University.  During graduate school, he was part of a robotics development team tasked with designing a variety of types of robots.  Based on the project results, he published an article entitled "Analysis of User Response Time for Mini-MAP System" in a technical journal provided by the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC).  Mr. Lee has published many other technology related articles in Korea and abroad.

    In his capacity as a senior patent attorney, he has also served as an expert witness in litigation cases brought before the Seoul district court 


    Seoul National University, Graduate School of Engineering (M.E., Control and Instrumentation Engineering)

    Seoul National University, College of Engineering (B.E., Control and Instrumentation engineering)


    MUHANN Patent & Law Firm

    Kim & Chang

    Korea Telecom (KT)


    "Analysis of Strength of Received Signal on LMCS Terminal," Korea Microwave Workshop, 1998

    "Dynamic Modulation Scheme in Consideration of Cell Interference for LMDS," Proc. of International Conference on Communication Technology 98, Beijing, China, October 1998

    "Error Detection in Digital Wireless Communication," Wireless Communication Technologies Workshop, 1997

    "Implementation of Broadband Wireless Communication Network on IMT-2000 network," Next Generation Communication Software Workshop, 1997

    "Analysis of User Response Time for Mini-MAP System," IFAC Control Engineering Practice, Vol.3, 1995


    Korean Patent Attorneys Association (KPAA), Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA)


    Korean, English